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Legal Fee


Fee Structure and Costs

Our attorney fees will either be (1) flats fee agreed upon in advance or (2) fees calculated based on the time that attorney actually spend on the matter (hourly rates), depending on the nature of the specific cases. Please inquire to find out which method of billing will apply to a specific matter. 

In both case, in principles the Firm will prepare and execute a fee agreement (or engagement agreement) with the client in advance, and to the extent possible we indicate in advance how the attorney fee will be calculated. In certain cases, we set a fee ceiling to prevent costs from increasing beyond expectations, and if it looks as the fee will exceed that amount, we will consult with the client how to proceed.

Time Charge

The Client shall pay as legal fees the amount obtained by multiplying the following hourly rates by the number of hours spent by the Attorney and other lawyers and/or staff members involved in processing the entrusted matter. If any lawyer and/or staff member other than the above is involved in the matter, his or her hourly rates will be provided separately. Attorney will submit the statements of fee and charges to the Client on a monthly or less frequent basis. All statements will be payable within one month of their receipt by the Client. Where applicable, Japanese consumption tax will be added to and payable on the statements. In case you have Komon-Keiyaku,
A general counsel agreement with our firm, you can get 20% discount for the hourly rate.

Lawyer and/or staff members involvedHourly rates
Partner AttorneyJPY35,000
Associate AttorneyJPY25,000

Estimation of Legal Fee

If you send us an English contract before your consultation, we can check the contents of the contract in advance and provide you with a more detailed consultation on the contents. We will make a quote after the first consultation. With approval of the estimated amount and business content, we will create an engagement agreement. Except for small remuneration amounts, remuneration will be generated only by concluding an engagement agreement or accepting a quote.

In our office, we create a quote and state the amount of the lawyer fee. The request procedure is as follows:

Inquiries by phone or email

Creating a quote

Creating an engagement agreement

Creating, checking and translating English language contracts


Standard legal fees for preparing standard English contracts

Preparation of English contracts 20,000 yen to 25,000 yen per page (excluding consumption tax)

Japanese translation of English language contracts 20,000 yen to 25,000 yen per page (excluding consumption tax)

Checking English contracts 15,000 yen to 20,000 yen per page (excluding consumption tax)

* The price is determined by the number of characters per page and the content of the English language contract (complexity and specialty of products and services) within the above range, so please consult with us for a more accurate quote.

When the contents of an English contract are complicated and the contract is being prepared while consulting with the other party

It will be charged time charge. The standard amount of time charge is as follows.
Partner lawyer 35,000 yen per hour (excluding consumption tax)
Associate lawyer 25,000 yen per hour (excluding consumption tax)
Paralegal 15,000 yen per hour (consumption tax not included)

Examples of rewards for each handling case (excluding consumption tax)

English confidentiality agreement
(2 pages in English)
50,000 yen
Articles of incorporation
translated into English (7 pages in Japanese)
100,000 yen
Creating an English license agreement200,000 yen
Translation of foreign judgment (English) into Japanese and providing legal advice on Strategies and policies in response to overseas litigation, taking into account the future prospects750,000 yen
Legal check of English confidentiality agreement20,000 yen
Service contract in English created for outsourcing of services commissioned by Russian companies (7 pages in English)250,000 yen
Software license between Japanese and American company, Japanese translation of the contract (8 pages in English), Two Japanese companies' requirements have been added in English.150,000 yen
Acquisition Rights Agreement, Articles of Incorporation,
Agreements such as shareholder agreements and term sheets
(89 pages in total English) Created a summary and made comments.
950,000 yen
For Japanese companies who imported product materials from Chinese companies: Non-disclosure agreement, basic agreement on sales transactions (both in English and Japanese)250,000 yen

There are various types of contracts in English, but in most cases, the budget for creating and checking contracts is limited for the client. It is often requested that the person in charge of the company needs to work within a limited budget, one may be unsure of whether or not to make a request due to the potentially high legal fees. At our office, in principle, based on the request of the client, we will prepare a quote, obtain the client's consent, and conclude a delegation agreement that specifies the amount of compensation for the lawyer. As we begin work, we will try to keep the lawyer's fees in line with the requests of our clients as much as possible.

However, the content of the contract can sometimes be complicated when establishing a joint venture or capital tie-up overseas, and there are cases where agreement is reached through repeated consultations. In such a case, the cost will be high and it will be difficult to calculate with a fixed fee, so it will be necessary to charge by time charge. Even in such a case, we will discuss the time charge from the very beginning as much as possible and the estimated work time etc. with the client.

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