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Legal Fee

Fee Structure and Costs

Our attorney fees will either be (1) flats fee agreed upon in advance or (2) fees calculated based on the time that attorney actually spend on the matter (hourly rates), depending on the nature of the specific cases.  Please inquire to find out which method of billing will apply to a specific matter.

In both case, in principles the Firm will prepare and execute a fee agreement (or engagement agreement) with the client in advance, and to the extent possible we indicate in advance how the attorney fee will be calculated.  In certain cases, we set a fee ceiling to prevent costs from increasing beyond expectations, and if it looks as the fee will exceed that amount, we will consult with the client how to proceed.

Time Charge

The Client shall pay as legal fees the amount obtained by multiplying the following hourly rates by the number of hours spent by the Attorney and other lawyers and/or staff members involved in processing the entrusted matter.  If any lawyer and/or staff member other than the above is involved in the matter, his or her hourly rates will be provided separately.  Attorney will submit the statements of fee and charges to the Client on a monthly or less frequent basis.  All statements will be payable within one month of their receipt by the Client.  Where applicable, Japanese consumption tax will be added to and payable on the statements.

Lawyer and/or staff members involvedHourly rates
Partner AttorneyJPY35,000
Associate AttorneyJPY25,000

Flat Fee

1 Review and Translation of Contracts

・Contracts Review with written comments JPY15,000/page
・Translation of the Contracts  JPY20,000/page

2 Draft of Agreement

・Non-Disclosure Agreement (Simple) JPY30,000 to JPY50,000
・Sale and Purchase Agreement (Simple) JPY200,000
・Distributorship Agreement (Simple) JPY200,000
・License Agreement (Simple)  JPY200,000
・OEM Agreement (Simple)  JPY300,000
・Joint Venture Agreement   JPY400,000
・Asset Purchase Agreement (Complex) JPY400,000

3 Business Start-up and Formation

・Corporation Formation   JPY300,000
・Articles of Incorporations   JPY100,000
・Employment Agreement (simple)  JPY100,000
・Agreement for overtime work  JPY50,000
・Work Rules    JPY200,000
・Lease Agreement (simple)  JPY200,000
・Shareholders Agreement (simple)  JPY200,000
・Corporate Minutes or Resolutions  JPY30,000 to JPY50,000

4 Dispute Resolution / Collection of Claims

・Demand Letter (simple)   JPY50,000
・Demand Letter (complex)   JPY100,000 to JPY200,000
・Settlement Agreement (simple)  JPY100,000 to JPY200,000
・Litigation    Retainer and Success Fee / Time charge

5 Criminal Cases
  • ・Advance    JPY350,000 to JPY600,000
    ・Contingent    JPY500,000 to JPY900,000
Retainer and Success Fee
(Litigation / Arbitration / Mediation / Inheritance)
    Amount of ClaimsRetainerSuccess Fee
    Less than 3 million yenJPY300,00016%
    JPY 3mil to JPY30 mil5% plus JPY90,00010% plus JPY180,000
    JPY 30 mil to JPY 300 mil3% plus JPY690,0006% plus JPY1,380,000
    JPY 300 mil or more2% plus JPY3,690,0004% plus JPY7,380,000

    *translation fee shall be charged separately
    *consumption tax shall be charged separately
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